ViScript 2.1

Video Blogging Made Easy.

Building an interactive video blog has never been easier with ViScript. ViScript is a interactive piece of software which enables you to quickly build your own video blog in a matter of minutes. Even with no programming experience ViScript makes building a video blog easier then ever.

Publish your own personal video blog with ViScript 2.1. Video blogging made easy.

  • Built with ease of use in mind
  • No programming knowledge or skills needed
  • Tremendous power and flexibility
  • Fully automated
  • Built for use with WordPress - the ultimate blogging platform
  • Optimized for search engines right out of the box
  • Automatic comment feature that prompts participation and repeat visits to your site
  • Full member forum support and documentation

Introducing ViScript 2.1

The explosion of social media sharing on the World Wide Web is evident everywhere you look. Huge social networking tools like MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, and Google Video have enabled web users to document and share information faster and easier than ever before. The online video age is certainly here to stay.

Until now, independent website publishers were left with limited resources to publish their own video blogs. Unless you had access to a team of brilliant programmers that would easily cost you thousands to custom-build you an application, you were pretty much out of luck.

ViScript 2.1 changes all of that. Now, the power of the internet video age is in the hands of the independent website publisher.

ViScript 2.1 Is Easy To Use

With ViScript 2.1 you can easily start, run, and succeed with your own video blog in a matter of just minutes that will attract visitors and earn you revenue. You don't have to be fluent in programming or website design to set up ViScript 2.1; it was specifically designed for the utmost in ease-of-use.

Actual Example Of A ViScript Site
ViScript Image

ViScript 2.1 Is Powerful and Flexible

You will be able to create your successful video blog in no time without the hassle of creating a program and blog from scratch. Full of innovative and useful features that will ensure your optimization and success, ViScript 2.1 is as robust and flexible as you need it to be.

ViScript 2.1 Is Automated

ViScript 2.1 can be fully automated. Put it on autopilot so you no longer have to spend your valuable time searching for relevant videos. Just pop in relevant keywords and the number of video posts you want published in a specified timeframe and let ViScript 2.1 do the rest. Your time is freed up to focus on more important tasks.

ViScript works with WordPress - the most powerful blog solution available

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform for a reason - it's easy to install, easy to use, great for search engine optimization, and the most flexible blogging platform available. It's simply the best.

Actual Example Of A ViScript Site
ViScript Screenshot

When you pair ViScript 2.1 with a WordPress installation you have the most powerful video blogging platform on the planet. And since they are both a snap to setup and implement immediately, you won't believe how fast you will be driving traffic to your site.

ViScript 2.1 Is Optimized for the Search Engines and more...

Search engine optimization is a critical component to ensure that you get visitors to your site. And one of the key aspects of search engine optimization is building backlinks to your site. No matter how important it is, it can also be time consuming and downright droll. ViScript 2.1 handles the task for you with its fully-functional free backlink building system.

Each video blog that you create with the ViScript 2.1 system will benefit from being propelled upwards in the search engine rankings by a constant flow of relevant backlinks which will bring more visitors to your site and more money in your pocket.

ViScript 2.1 Encourages Your Visitors to Participate...and Come Back

Any website owner can tell you that repeat visitors are preferred visitors but getting visitors to come back to your site is often a daunting task. Research and trial and error has proven time and again that the visitors that participate by placing comments are far more likely to visit again and again.

Actual Example Of Comments On A ViScript Site
ViScript Image

ViScript 2.1 breaks the ice for your visitors with its automatic commenting function. Visitors are far more likely to comment when others are actively commenting as well. This creates a snowball effect of activity that virtually guarantees your visitors will return.

More visitors + more return visitors = more revenue.

ViScript 2.1 Comes With Support

Even if you have never published a website or blog we can help. In addition to our full support staff available by email, your ViScript 2.1 purchase includes a coveted membership to our exclusive member forums.

Not only do our members discuss the features and capabilities of utilizing ViScript 2.1 to its fullest extent but also share tips, hints, and tricks that they use in order to make the most money online.

Publish your own video blog and start earning revenue today!

Use the link below to instantly download ViScript 2.1 and all of its features immediately for just $100 US.

Terms and Agreements

Upon your purchase of ViScript 2.1 you fully agree that you have completely read and understand our Terms of Service as well as the ViScript Licensing Agreement. Please note our installation and requirements sections to ensure that your current hosting provider is compatible with ViScript 2.1.

ViScript 2.1 is delivered in a small, compressed file that is easily accessed by using file compression software such as WinZip or WinRar. Download time is minimal, but may vary depending on your internet connection. If you experience any difficulties during the download process or are unable to download the files at all, please contact us at Please have your transaction ID handy, which can be found on your receipt or the email address from which you paid us. We are required to have this information in order to send the software.